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We welcome you to Bible Baptist Church.  We are glad that you have chosen to visit with us. Please feel free to explore and see if this is where God is calling you to serve and worship!


Dinner & a Movie

​November 18, 2017

​Dinner at 5:00 PM; movie to follow! Come and enjoy a time to sit and relax.

Pie Social

​November 22, 2017

​Bring your favorite pie and enjoy fellowship while praising the Lord for His wonderful works and Person!

  1. Church Sign
  2. Auditorium ready to go for VBS
  3. The Adult Sunday School class and the Escape Room
  4. Pastor Dave and Family
  5. The Free Pantry.  Just one way we seek to help the community.
  6. Church members lending a helping hand working on a septic system.
  7. Mr. Will Short serving the Lord by helping out around the church.
  8. Church sign, Free Pantry, and the Church building.
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